The Art of Unconditional Self Love.

“Not everyone has mastered it, but we’re all capable of doing so.” -Meme

I’ve been living in a world where self love has become depicted based on the amount of recognition you receive on a social site. Society has began to gain self satisfaction or in worse cases self denial due to the opinion of another man. As I look out of what use to be an actual window which has been replaced by an iPhone/Android or camera lens, I see the lack of self love around me. But because the optimistic side of my brain is still active I see potential in this world that has slowly developed into the Devil’s Playground. I don’t intend to make the segment long and drawn out with multiple images to captivate my message, but today I’d much rather get straight to the point.

To The Point.
Self-love is a fundamental of life. In fact it’s one of the most basic life principles you’ll ever partake in along your journey. When a baby is born for example, that child has a love for its mother not even the most brilliant philosophers can begin to explain. However by the time that child reaches a certain age it begins to better interpret independence and starts understanding what he or she must do for themselves in order to benefit their own well-being.

The definition for self-love which is provided by is; regards for one’s own well-being and happiness. (Chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic.) I enjoy this definition in particular because it doesn’t result in the singling out of those around you.

Do away with old wounds.
You cannot allow past wounds to continue defining you. One of the main reasons I’ve found that result in lack of self love are past circumstances. A lot of the time the circumstances aren’t even the same anymore, it’s the scars/memories that continue residing in your mind. I suggest you start letting go of the wounds which don’t motivate or benefit you to move forward in life.

5 ways to let go…

  1. Focus on the present and future.
  2. Express your pain (Journal, dance, art, etc.)
  3. Stop blaming others, begin understanding yourself.
  4. Forgive those who have spitefully used or wronged you.
  5. Don’t be the victim under any circumstance.

Accept your current position.
Understand you’re where you are for a reason and it isn’t always because you haven’t worked hard enough. Everyone is placed in their current position for a reason and a season but never a life time. Don’t get distraught when you’re not exactly where you imagined you’d end up by a certain time span. Have enough self love and support to motivate yourself to get where you’d eventually like to end up.

Avoid perfection.
There’s no such thing as perfection, only imperfection exist in the rim in which our physical presence resides in. The moment you stop holding yourself accountable for being perfect you open up doors for errors and self improvement. With self improvement comes self love. Just think about it, why would you have a desire to improve if you lacked self love. Keep in mind our perfection exist in God and God alone.

Ignore others to a certain extent.
That’s right ignore others. Its wise to take advise from others but only a fool allows others to dictate their self worth and happiness. Self love starts exactly with what it sounds like SELF. You don’t have to take heed to the opinions of others. The quicker you rule out what others think about you, the better off you’ll be.

In conclusion love yourself to the best of your own abilities. Take care. Peace and blessings to all.

Lekisland: Kumo Kokonotsu series


What A life: Tips on remaining inspired, Interviews with upcoming Artist and Entrepreneurs plus much more!

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If you’re living as your better version most days you should be feeling rather inspired to take on new challenges, achieve new goals, and remain consistent with the projects and ventures you have a passion for. Throughout my entire Kumo Kokonotsu series I’ve promoted exactly that, and touched a few other points as well. Together we’ve become a better version of ourselves, stepped out of our comfort zone’s, gained food for thought in order to live a life of great quality, and last we took a vacation away from anxiety.

The Rant
When I first started writing this segment it was about upcoming independent artist. After several introductions and multiple brain blast I decided I wanted to take a different approach and talk about the art of entrepreneurship. I spent nearly a month creating that segment and guess what, my finished product got 8935388561_a2b3ea0b36_kdeleted. I nearly lost it and all of my anxiety hacks went out the window. Within a few days I rewrote the entire segment only to decide I wasn’t content with my new work, it didn’t even compare to the lost file. I changed the topic once more, “maybe we’ll discover our callings?” I wrote an introduction and created all of the informative points. Guess what happened? You guessed correct, I CHANGED THE TOPIC AGAIN! Now I’m here presenting a new topic.

The moral of the story is ; Everything doesn’t always go as planned, however its important you remain inspired throughout your hardships. Even when you’re living your life of great quality, everyday isn’t always going to be the best day. However that doesn’t give any of us a reason to become discouraged, or give up on our goals and aspirations. In this segment I’m going to share a few tips on how to remain inspired along your journey. (Note: The tips can be applied to multiple circumstances ex: independent business venture, personal life, projects etc.)

Create your own mission statement.

Develop a mission statement for yourself. Your mission statement should explain what you stand for and exactly what you set out to achieve. Quote this statement first thing in the morning, this will motivate you from the time your feet touch the
floor. Anytime you feel discouraged or get overwhelmed with your projects quote your mission statement. It’ll instantly remind you of why its important to continue your journey, and exactly what’s at state.

Book & Glasses Preview ImageStudy.
Research your gifts, talents and callings as much as possible. You can never consider yourself 100% knowledgeable of any topic. The more knowledgeable you are regarding your particular trade or lifestyle the more inspired you’ll become to continue your own ventures. Research will allow you to vision potential and develop a logical plan. Keep in mind knowledge is equivalent to independence. (Quote me)

Build Similar Relationships.
Surround yourself with beings who match your vibration. These individuals may not be going down the exact same path as you, but their practices should be similar to those of your own. When your surrounded by like-minded beings you all can typically relate in most situations. Relation is a form of inspiration, there’s never any added or forced stress when you can relate to someone. Typically relevant energies and conversations result in building.

Track Your Progression.
When you write down your goals you’re more likely to jump into action. When you track your progression you’re less likely to give up. Anytime you reach a milestone, make a notation, this physically shows you exactly where you are. As you see your growth and progression continue to climb your desire to continue/finish becomes more intense, which triggers self motivation.

Reflect Daily.
I found this one to be the easiest form of inspiration. At the end of each day take 7the time to consider everything that transpired in a days time. This will assist you with accumulating new approaches and correcting mistakes which will help inspire you to do better the next
following day. Some beings actually take the time to journal these thought’s however a simple mental note is also effective. (Learn which method works best for you.)

While completing this segment of Kumo Kokonotsu I came across a few phenomenal beings. These individuals are self motivated and have remained inspired throughout their journey regardless of the circumstances. They’re driven enough to create a lifestyle that revolves around the things they love. They’ve taken on the art of converting their talents into trades.

Three inspirational individuals have given me the privilege to interview them. Their willing to share the story behind their business ventures and art forms with the world. Not a single soul on this list has it easy, but because of their passion for their crafts they continue to aspire higher daily.

Check Em’ Out

Interview with Rico Da Writer

image2 (1)


Rico Da Writer is an upcoming independent artist who has shown to be dedicated to his craft. He’s always been drawn to the form of creativity and verbal art music has the potential to offer. He managed to reach 1M+ views on his latest song Wake Up Remix within less than a month, and the views just keep climbing! Rico has been in the game for a while, and he doesn’t plan on giving up before he reaches the top.

Meme: Have you performed around your hometown, if so, when and was it beneficial to your current image? Do you believe it’s important to remain in touch with your hometown?

Rico Da writer: Yes, I’d say around 2010.

LOL no I can’t say that it was really beneficial cuz it was so long ago.

Uhh, I would say it’s important because that’s where it all started.

Meme: What is your intake on the Hip Hop community in the current area you reside in? If it’s different from your hometown, explain what makes it better/more advanced/worse.

Rico Da Writer: I feel like where I live isn’t as musically inclined as it could be, but there are some great artists here. Coming from another state and being a new face, I feel like the crowd accepts you more… because it’s a new sound.

image1 (2)Meme: How is this area making an impact on your art form, if it isn’t how do you intend to change it, Explain…?
Rico Da Writer : Seeing other artists perform their craft and do what they love, inspires me to better my art form.

Meme: Talk to me about your latest project, what was the inspiration behind it?

Rico DA Writer: Ooohhh! My latest project, SPLIT PERSONALITY 3. Honestly, my plan was to have a sequel to the first two (at some point), but it wasn’t even in the works until one day I accidentally made a cover for it. After that, I decided this was my next project!

Meme: What artist in the game do you think are pushing boundaries &               changing the game? Who’s playing it safe?

Rico Da Writer: Quavo, He’s definitely pushing boundaries being that he’s all over the charts right now. I feel like Lil Wayne is playing it safe because of his legal issues and I don’t feel like he wants it anymore.

Meme: Name 1 thing you would change about the Hip Hop industry in order to help upcoming independent artist on the rise such as yourself? 

Rico Da Writer: I would give the upcoming artists a broader platform to display their music.

Meme: What do you believe a lot of Hip Hop music today is lacking in terms of substance, if anything?
Rico Da Writer : LOL lyrics for starters, originality, and the passion.

Meme: How do you feel your style and lyrical content will evolve overtime?
Rico Da Writer: I’m ever-changing and constantly coming up with new material… it’s never the same with Rico Da Writer. In reference to the “older track link” below, that’s the song that actually got me back in beast mode once I got back to writing. From then on, I been making nothing but FLAME (inserts flames emoji LOL)! On the other hand, my newest track (“Who Am I” feat. Ralphy London) just shows the versatility in my ability to put words together without writing them down and just going straight in to lay down the verse.

Older Track:
Newer Track:

Meme: What type of connection do you seek to build with your current and image1 (1)future fan base?
Rico DA Writer: I just wanna be relatable and stay relevant.

Meme: Overtime what has continued to motivate you to continue, even during your roughest times while paving your way in the game?
Rico Da Writer: Uh for starters, this is what I love to do and will continue to do it for the rest of my life, And now I have a little one to do it for.

Meme: How old were you when you finally decided music was what you wanted to do, how exactly did you get started? What advice can you give someone with the same aspiration as you, that is having trouble exploring their own musical/lyrical art form or maneuvering independently?
Rico DA Writer: I was 14, going into High School… I used to write lil’ raps in a composition book throughout the day, every day. I then realized I wanted to be an artist. My advice to whomever wants to pursue a career in music is to keep striving and be prepared for all types of criticism.
image3 (1)Meme: Do you as an artist you have the talent to keep up with whatever is current in the industry, if so how are you “keeping up w/ the Joneses?”

Rico Da Writer: Me personally I don’t feel the need to “keep up with Jones’s” because that shows a lack of originality.

Meme: Why should your future and current fan base believe in you as an independent artist? What is your movement?
Rico Da Writer: Just believe I will always bring something new to the table…. da writer movement.

Meme: Is there any information you’d like to share on your current project? Rico Da Writer: If you refer back a few questions, you’ll see I’m working on the SPLIT PERSONALITY project. Release date to be announced and can be found on the following platforms:

Interview with Briana (TastiBri)


TastiBri is a growing business with huge taste owned by an inspired young certified chef by the name of Briana. She obtained her culinary arts degree and continued moving further from there.  Although the process wasn’t easy for her, she moved off faith and set out to build the business of her dreams. TastiBri is becoming a delicious success. Briana does individual plates, as well as catering for parties and small to major events. Briana is also returning to school to complete her psychology degree in the future. (Go Bri!)image5
Meme: Who/what has been your biggest inspiration on your journey?


Briana: Well I have a few, first God because without him none of this would be possible, and with him anything is possible. He wouldn’t bring me this far to just leave me so I have to keep going. 

My son because he’s watching me and I’m his first example. I want him to be able to look at me and say my mom did it, so I know I can.

Next are my pastors because they believed in me and saw what I didn’t and they give me guidance.

Finally my mother because I want to make her proud. She’s my biggest supporter and I want to be able to take care of her one day (soon). 

Meme: At what moment did you finally decide TastiBri was going to be the
next thing?

Briana: Well it all started in 2016 when i was pregnant with my son Bentley and my sister and I did all of the party favors and food. Everyone was so amazed. My pastors had found out they were having twin grand babies and asked us to do the party favors for the baby shower. The theme was Noah and the arch and everyone loved it!! For us it was just fun. My pastors kept saying “you’re going to be great and do great works.” We had a guest speaker come to my church and he prophesied to me about a business and my family and I all looked at each other like “how did he know!” We were talking about it but we didn’t know how to start or even where.  The pastor later came back to our church and said again did you start on that business yet and from then I knew I had to do it. But I didn’t know what to call the business.  On Bentley’s first birthday (Sunday) we dedicated him back to God and my pastors said that they were going to introduce me to their CPA and that they were blessing me with the money to get my Business licenses! Well the CPA didn’t even charge me(a blessing)! \He said he saw my passion and knew I’d go far. It’s just like everything happened so fast like I woke up one day and BAM… I had a business and customers!

Meme: How much planning and preparation did it take to start-up TastiBri’s?

Briana: Girl I took a leap of faith that Sunday when the pastors told me they were blessing me and that Tuesday we went to see the CPA and by the weekend everything was done. Literally it was about a week. 

image3Meme: When and why did you gain an interest for culinary?

Briana: Well I’ve been cooking since I was 9. From what my mother told me I was always in the kitchen watching her cook. I loved to watch the cooking shows. I rarely watched cartoons because the station stayed on the food network. I always said I didn’t want to work for anyone, but I didn’t know that I would actually be working for myself one day. Before I had Bentley (I was a junior at NCCU) I stopped cooking. The passion wasn’t there anymore. I don’t know what happened. I even changed my major from hospitality and tourism to psychology (why just why lol) I didn’t even know what I would do with that degree once I graduated. Well once I found out I was pregnant I took a year off. During that year I was finding myself. I was thinking ”I’m having this baby and I need to provide for him” I mean it was scary but one day it was like something just clicked. I started cooking and everyone was like are you okay? LOL. So I believe God gave me Bentley to redirect my path and get me back to where I’m suppose to be.

Meme: What does culinary arts mean to you?

Briana: Culinary means that I get to express myself. It’s like therapy. Also it gives others a chance to get to know me. You can spark up a conversation over food anytime. I get to put smiles on people faces and that’s the best part for me. 

Meme: What is the biggest pleasure you received out of your growing business?

Briana: The people’s love for my food. I’ve had people eat my food without knowing who I am and when they find out the light on there face brings me so much joy! Their like OMG, Your food is amazing and the portions you give for that price!! I do everything out of love and it shows.image4

Meme: What kind of culture do you typically incorporate into your dishes, what makes your dishes original?

Briana: I get this question a lot LOL, I can make any and everything. With me being in culinary school it has broadened the way that I cook and what I incorporate. I cook with love and that’s my secret ingredient. 

image2Meme: Should we expect a TastiBri’s Food Truck or restaurant one day…Maybe both?

Briana: Yes absolutely!!!! 2018 is going to be a very big year for TastiBri so be on the lookout!!!

Meme: Where do you see this business venture going within the next 10 years?

Briana: In 10 years I see multiple food trucks. I see TastiBri catering lunches for the middle college  students. I want to have my hands on so many different things but the world will know about TastiBri!

Meme: What is the dish everyone is craving? I’m sure there has to be one!

Briana: To name a few everyone loves the wings, chicken lasagna and our TastiRolls to name a few.


Interview with Bert (Beauty By Bert)




Beauty by Bert was established by a young knowledgeable stylist with an abundant amount of passion for her creations. She goes by the name of Bert which is also featured in the trademark of her growing business. Bert has set out to enhance and emphasize beauty in the physical rim. This stylist conducts business with care. She continues to remain consistent along her journey in order to build a name for herself in slay land!

Contact Information – Instagram : @beautybybert_

Meme: What would you say are the top three skills someone will need to become an entrepreneur in this field?

I would say the top three skills someone will need to become an entrepreneur in this field are passion, ambition, and the willingness to learn and grow.

Meme: What kind of hair and cosmetic services do you currently offer?

As of right now I am offering weave installs, wigs and natural hairstyles.

Meme: Is there a certain style you specialize in?FullSizeR2

No, right now I am open to different styling techniques. Because my goal is to service those with any type of hair need so that they can receive the desired look their going for.

Meme: What motivates you to continue this business venture?

My passion and most of all my love for hair is what keeps me motivated to pursue my dreams in this type of business.

Meme: What are a few reason you prefer the Entrepreneur’s path vs. Renting a booth or working for another individual? What do you find to be its perks?

Being an entrepreneur allows me to plan things in a timely manner that is suitable for me. I am able to be in a comfortable setting and came in here to my own rules. And the face that I am my own boss is the best perk of all, there is nothing like achieving your goals and knowing that you are the one that made it happen.

Meme: What are your top two favorite hair service to provide and why?

My top two services would be hair extensions installs and natural hairstyles. Reason being is because with hair extensions any look is possible, and natural hair styles because beauty comes from within and healthy hair is the best crown to have on your head.

Meme: What makes your work stand out in comparison to other cosmetologist and hair stylist?

FullSizeR1_1Even though hairstyles can be achieved in any manner the work and care that goes into creating the look is what I believe I possess that makes my work stand out from others.

Meme: When did you decide your trademark would be Beauty By Bert? What shifted you in that direction?

Because beauty can be seen from different perspectives, I wanted people to see beauty through my eyes. So that’s when I decided to use Beauty By Bert.

Meme: Do you travel to clients?

Yes, depending on the service the client would like.

Meme: What are your business goals over the course of the next 10 years?

Within a ten-year span my business goal is to have my own studio salon and wig line for my hand-made wigs.

Meme: What influenced you to gain an interest in the field of cosmetology?

My love for hair.

Meme: What can we expect to see from Beauty By Bert over a 10 year time IMG_14391span?

More hair tutorials and natural hair care.

Meme: What are 3 words you would use to describe a service experience with you?

Caring, knowledgeable and enjoyable.

Meme: Who/what has been your motivation to continue flourishing your independent business?

I would have to say myself and the fact that in this industry there is always room to grow, create and learn new things which makes it fun. As people say you should do what you love and love what you do, and I love everything about creating looks that clients will love.

IMG_15801 (1)
Me as a satisfied client 🙂

Meme: The hair industry is rather competitive, what do you bring to the table that’s different from other stylist you’ve run into or have studied?

I would have to say my passion, it’s not that far different from others I have encountered but it is my own twist.






I’d like to dedicate a special Thanks with everything in me to Rico Da Writer for making this idea possible. I wish you the best of luck and many blessings throughout your journey!

I’d also like to thank all of my inspired aspiring entrepreneurs who took the time to complete an interview for my blog, it wasn’t an easy process but together we got it done!


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^ Kumo Kokonotsu

A Vacation Away From Anxiety

Anxiety is an energy we can all relate to in some form of fashion. Even if you haven’t been medically diagnosed with anxiety there’s a chance you could have Woman Standing On Beachsome sort of ties with this energy.  The reason anxiety has such a strong hold on our society is because we’ve fixed ourselves to believe it takes medical treatment to rid this energy. However as divine human beings we have the ability to control anxiety. Anxiety has caused depression, lack of motivation in the generations, oppression, and has also led to the thought and act of self harm and suicide. In this segment I’m going to teach you a few anxiety hacks and assist you on your journey to that vacation away from anxiety.

perception3My Perception. . .

I tend to visualize anxiety as that feeling you get right before the big drop on a roller coaster. If you’ve ever ridden a roller coaster you should be familiar with the feeling you embrace once you’ve reached the top seconds before the big drop takes place. It’s like you’re anticipating the adrenaline your about to receive. Anxiety is a feeling of constant preparation and anticipation, it’s remaining on edge. img_20180130_13462564226938.jpg

The boring part…yawn2

The American Psychological Association (APA) describes anxiety as “an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.” When referring to anxiety, the term itself is rather broad.  Anxiety has 8 relatives floating around and they’re as followed:

  1. General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)anxiety im
  2. Panic Disorder 
  3. Social Anxiety Disorder
  4. Major Depressive Disorder
  5. Phobic Disorder 
  6. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  7. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  8. Separation Anxiety

GAD tends to be the main relative in the anxiety family knocking on the doors of you divine human beings. According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) 40 million Americans over the age of 18 are affected by some form of anxiety.  That accounts for nearly 18% of the US population. I’ll be providing you with 6 anxiety hacks. If you take heed and allow yourself to regularly practice the provided hacks you’ll get the vacation away from anxiety you’ve been longing for.

Let’s Start Packing…

I. Remain in-tune with the present moment.

You must become more aware of the present moment in order to disqualify anxiety. Gain the understanding that anxiety can only exist in the past and future and does not exist in the present moment. In reality the past and future don’t exist, their only used to describe the changing present. These two distinct regions can only exist in your mind. The present is the only distinct region actually taking place in this dimension. More times than often we subconsciously become overwhelmed. Overwhelming any parts of your conscience can lead to a state of anxiety and it’s not always your heart pounding out of your chest or excessive breathing. multitasking.microsoftCAOur conscious becomes overstimulated because while we’re listening were writing, while we’re already writing and listening were thinking about what happened last week and what’s to come in the upcoming weeks. We’ve become accustomed to over stimulating ourselves and have allowed excessive multi tasking to become the norm. This world is being set up to where it’s almost impossible to focus on one task at a time, but you must have the power to override. To ensure you remain planted in the present moment stop multi-tasking and begin tuning into only one sense at a time. Only visit the past when it’s beneficial for your present cause and focus on the future when you need that boost of motivation to remember why the present moment is worth while. This practice will prevent over stimulation and overload.

II. Consider only your perceptionimg_20180130_141116799297102.jpg

Anxiety has the tendency to kick in when you desire a stamp of validation or approval from others regarding yourself and your actions. Stop getting caught up in how others perceive you and begin taking heed to your own perception. Everyone you encounter on your journey will have their own individual opinion of you, but understand yours is the only effective opinion.  Another man’s opinion can never dull your shine only intensify it.

III. Imaginary Deadlines.img_20180130_135602-1112171268.jpg

Read the following statement out loud, “Deadlines don’t exist.” Deadlines only exist in your imagination (and in corporate America). I visualize a deadline as an hourglass constantly trickling down, always running off it’s last drop of sand. The thought of this gives me an endless feeling of intense pressure in my gut and mind.  Not a single divine human being wants to inflict that type of anxiety on themselves so it’s best to throw out the entire concept of a deadline all together. If you want to receive your permanent vacation away from anxiety give yourself the chance to have infinite opportunities at your goals and aspirations. Once you allow yourself infinite opportunities you won’t beat yourself up because you didn’t “get married or have children by age 30” or have that “dream job or car by age 25”. You’ll begin to live with the mentality knowing nothing has to be rushed when it’s always obtainable. 

IV. Take in Nature’s Valium.img_20180130_141343-201434323.jpg

Given the name Nature’s Valium but better known as magnesium is an extremely beneficial mineral that is recommended to treat anxiety. Magnesium intake increases relaxation and reduces stress hormones. Magnesium has also been known to increase brain plasticity (Your brain’s ability to heal itself, create brain cells, and make new connections.) which can help rewire a brain being affected by anxiety. In order to plummet the rate of anxiety you must increase your intake of Nature’s Valium. Below I’ve included a list of the top 10 magnesium rich foods from The top 10 Magnesium Rich Foods Proven Benefits by Rachael Link MS. RD. 

Top 10 Magnesium Rich Foods

  1. Cooked spinach 
  2. Swiss chard 
  3. Dark chocolate 
  4. Dried pumpkin seeds 
  5. Almonds 
  6. Black beans 
  7. Avocado 
  8. Dried figs 
  9. Yogurt 
  10. Bananas

V. Become Irresponsible.

People have the tendency to reflect two things based upon how they treat you. 

  • How they’ve been treated by others prior to meeting you.
  • How they’ve allowed life to treat them prior to meeting you.

waterThose two statements have one thing in common, they have noting to do with you. For that reason alone you have to program yourself to stop taking things as personal as you’ve been accustom to. As humans we have the tendency to question why the neighbor didn’t speak, or wreck our brain trying to figure out why that “boo” or “buddy” didn’t answer our phone call or text message. Truthfully we’re not just humans but divine human beings therefore the reality is it really doesn’t matter. The decisions and actions of another man have nothing to do with you. Stop holding yourself responsible for the choices of others. Once you realize the only energy you have direct control over is your own, you’ll be closer to taking that vacation away from anxiety.  

VI.  Do what you love.  

Begin doing what you love on a daily basis. A few divine human beings have trapped themselves in lifestyles they want nothing to do with. That could be working in a field you don’t have the passion for, waking up next to someone you know isn’t good for you, or even partaking in undesirable tasks with your peers. (The list goes on infinitely.) Whatever the circumstance this is a factor contributing to anxiety. If you want your vacation away from anxiety calm those nerves by doing what you love. Live the life you desire to live, not the one your forcing yourself get use what

In this segment of Kumo Kokonotsu I covered six anxiety hacks that will help increase your chance for that permanent vacation away from anxiety. Until next time remain humble, and continue elevating your thoughts.

Bonus Anxiety Hacks!

A list of simple anxiety hacks you can incorporate into your daily practices to enhance your vacation.

  • Exercise
  • Aroma therapy (essential oils, candles, wax, invents etc.) 
  • Laugh
  • Journal
  • Practice deep breathing techniques 

Like share and don’t forget to provide relevant feedback in the comments section. To discuss this topic on a personal level pertaining to yourself email me at and title the subject line “Anxiety Session”.

Kumo Kokonotsu

A Life of Great Quality.

As divine beings we have to ensure were not just living any old lifestyle but promoting greater quality throughout all areas of our lives. From my own personal experience and with a little research to confirm, I’ve structured a brief list that will help contribute to creating or sustaining a life filled with greater quality.

Live in change.Businesswoman change landscape from dry to spring
Embrace the power of change, because constant change is a necessity. Understand life is subject to alter at any moment, and if life can change at anytime, that means you have the ability to as well. Great leaders change daily for the better. They’re always innovating and contributing to their physical and mental growth and development. You should be following the same practice. When innovating the appropriate areas of your life change can become your best friend. Every time you make a change for the better consider yourself planting seeds of good fruit. There isn’t a single person that can consider themselves growing into whom they’re to become without making adjustments to bad habits and familiar ways. Never underestimate the power of change.

Always chase your
One factor I’ve found important on my journey to living a life of great quality is to always chase my dreams. Your dreams are whatever you consider to be personal goals and aspirations, they add meaning and depth to your life and affect daily decisions. As a child I recall my dreams as being magical and comforting, they made life more exciting. Your dreams are also what gives you a reason to remain hopeful during your journey. As long as you have a vision, it reflects your hunger for more out of life. Keep it moving, there’s always a new challenge to be conquered and an aspiration to be reached.

Give attention where it’s due.Family-Meal-Time
When we don’t provide needed attention to specific relationships we tend to lose them, and in a life of great quality it’s better to preserve a good thing than lack it. Master the art of balance and grow healthy families while maintaining your professional life. This could be your immediate family, spouse, friends roommate or even pet…whoever you consider close. Needless to say always devote some form of quality time to your loved ones. When you show attention, and devotion on a daily basis to your personal relationships while staying on top of business it creates balance. But overall it produces love, loyalty and self satisfaction.

halfFill your glass.

In order to sustain a life of high quality living you have to know when enough negativity is enough. We all have times when we feel overwhelmed or run into situations that aren’t as simple to tackle as others. During those times it’s mandatory to adopt a positive mindset. The more positive your mindset the better you’ll perceive situations as they approach. You will not successfully move throughout life viewing your situations or obstacles as a dark cloud. You learn to turn obstacles into stepping stones. These stepping stones have the potential of becoming your pathway to a better situation if you take the correct approach.

Build a bigger fortune.invest
Nothing in life is free. You won’t get anything out of it if the only investments you’re making are the bills at the first of the month. If you’d like to build bigger fortunes you have to take the risk of losing, and choose to invest in things that will provide chances and opportunities. When you choose to invest in yourself, profit is not always the only thing that has the potential to double, but you’ll also increase your knowledge and open the door for further advancements. A life of great quality has an open door policy for abundant opportunity. Make regular investments in the things you love and the tools you need to be successful. “Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” -Jim Rohn.

In closing I’d like to remind everyone a life of great quality isn’t always about the materialistic aspect but about the substance you’ve gained within yourself and your continuous drive to always obtain better and reach greater heights.



Food For Thought! 💭

1. Pride and arrogance will cause you to lose it all.

It’s easier to lose something than it is to gain it, and I’m sure the bulk of you reading this can vouch.  Pride involves egotism, while arrogance plays a role in how you socialize and interact with the ones around you, usually the arrogant carry undesirable traits.  The more undesirable you are, the more you’ll miss out on.  Whether it’s relevant to a relationship with your family/spouse/friends, building a supportive fan base, climbing the ladder in your career, or even being successful with your schooling.  Neither an arrogant nor prideful individual is the most bearable person to work with or assist.  We must learn to remain humble throughout our entire journey in order to gain the most out of it.

2. Don’t allow anything to outshine “you” during your journey.  

As you continue climbing your ladder to success, you’re going to begin taking on new characteristics and traits.  Don’t allow these new characteristics to outshine the” real you.”  We all have different masks we choose to present at different places or with different people (There’s a time and place for everything), however we cannot allow these masks to overpower our natural being.  When you allow your masks to outshine your natural being you’re becoming some what robotic.  Always allow a little you to shine through, even in the most conservative times.  You’ll notice it’s more appreciated and found to be a breath of fresh air, and even if not to others, you’ll appreciate yourself for it a lot more in the long run.  People are also a lot more accepting and trusting when you remain consistent with bringing a little of YOURSELF to the table.  No one finds enjoyment in a conformed junkie!

3. Don’t forget a single person along the way. 

With new success and aspirations come new tasks and challenges.  During this time it’s important to keep a balance of your success journey as well as those around you that have helped or could be of benefit in the future.  The best way to keep sight of your initial and future team players (that will assist you in reaching your highest peaks of success) is to understand you’re interdependent.  (You must give to get.)  The act of being interdependent is to understand you must depend on others as well as allow others to depend on you.  No successful individual has gotten where they are by being neither independent nor dependent.  The successful person understands somewhere along their journey they have or will need someone outside of themselves.  Whether it’s a higher being, parent, child, friend, co-worker, mentor, or complete stranger.  Keep in mind everyone can be beneficial if you know their strengths and use it to your best advantage.

4. Avoid “selling your soul.”

People are selling dreams, and you’re buying them with your soul.  Never degrade yourself in order to get where you deserve to be.  Hard work, dedication and patience will put you in the correct place when it’s time.  If something is meant for you you’ll never have to sell yourself short to obtain it.  Always have respect for yourself FIRST; this will prevent you from selling your soul knowingly and unknowingly.  The most respected individuals are those who know when to say no and pass up an offer, these people also have the most to gain. Consider it a gamble.  Anytime you have to under /oversell yourself consider your soul sold.  If you don’t know where to draw the line for yourself, what makes you believe the world will?

Never Befriend A Comfort Zone!



So many people are failing at life because they’ve made the decision to become comfortable with where they are.  They’ve become content with the places they’ve been and are living by the “what you see is what you get” concept.  If you feel this way this article is more so for you than anyone else.  However this is a warning for the person at high risk of getting too comfortable!

About two years ago I would have suggested the complete opposite. “Work until your content with where you are,” but a couple of years ago I would have been providing you with invalid information.  We all should have the mindset to work beyond our own potential and understand there is always something that can be accomplished.  Once we’ve reached a goal, we shouldn’t see it as an end point but merely the beginning.  Reaching one goal should instill a certain drive in you that gives you the motivation to want to meet new goals.  Before I begin I want you to understand there is absolutely nothing wrong with finding one niche, improving it and sticking with it.  The issue is when you find one niche, “master it” and operate as though there’s nothing more to learn other than what you’ve already mastered pertaining to that niche.

You’ll miss out if you get stranded in your comfort zone! 

You may be content with embracing your comfort zone; however, you’ll need to understand you’re missing out on experiencing the other beneficial opportunities life has to offer.  Try to stay open-minded while you’re in motion, this will give you motivation to try new things. When you place emphasis on remaining with-in your comfort-zone your life becomes relatively boring and repetitive.  Don’t get me wrong embrace yourself by all means,  but try straying away from becoming too comfortable with only embracing your comfort zone.  You could pick up a new book that sparks your interest if you’re not a reader, try foods from a new culture to give you a taste of a different world,  or maybe even go on that hike you’ve been completely against because your more of an indoors kind of person.  My point is, take the initiative to try new things.  This is an easy way to keep you out that comfort zone, and consistently learning new things.

Being comfortable is a one way ticket to failure.

I have my own theory the most successful people are comfortable with remaining uncomfortable.  This leaves them open to unlimited growth and endless adventures.  The Uncomfortable individual is more likely to take risks, which typically land them more opportunities to continue advancing.  This is why your key to success and a more innovative lifestyle is to become/remain uncomfortable with where you are and what you currently know.  Don’t allow yourself to become content, even when you feel you’ve reached your prime you will find yourself more successful if you keep a “What’s next” mind frame.

The choice is yours.comfortzone

You have two options either become comfortable and settle exactly where you are, or you can simply do better.  I hope everyone chose the second option!  When you make the decision to remain comfortable you stunt your evolution, you’re  not using your mind to attain new knowledge or practices.  There’s an infinite amount of knowledge out there, we’ll never know or understand everything the world has to offer.  That alone leaves little room for you to settle for the things you’re already knowledgeable of, there’s still limitless information to grasp.  Regardless of where you are in your journey or career path you should always be in the process of searching for advancements!

A resolution that keeps me uncomfortable!

One thing I’ve found that’s helped me remain uncomfortable on my journey is keeping a mental (in some cases physical) note of my “In Basket”.  An in-basket is an imaginary basket full of goals and aspirations that continues to build over your course of time in this world.  Your in-basket can be filled with goals ranging from something as simple as an intended shopping trip all the way to your goals on how you plan on becoming a millionaire before passing on to the next life!  Whatever the case your in-basket contains your smallest goal to your largest.  An in-basket is not designed to be empty at any point, and in fact in Carson Richardson’s Don’t sweat the small stuff series, he explains that when you pass away your in-basket should NOT be empty.  After consistently accumulating a mixture of long-term and short-term goals, I wouldn’t expect it to ever be empty.  Naturally I think up at the very least 2 goals from the time I wake up in the morning up until the time I fall asleep.  Sometimes my goals are farfetched and could take an abundant amount of time to reach, while others are so simple I could accomplish them within a day’s time.  Needless to say at that rate you’ll begin to see your in-basket overflow, and with a basket that full you’ll have no choice but to remain uncomfortable.








Creating A better Version Of Yourself.

I think it’s interesting how growth and development can take place over night. In a lot of circumstances this can seem nearly impossible, especially when we have quotes stating “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…who’s to say it wasn’t when you start comparing multiple unsealed conspiracies, but that’s neither here nor there!

Are you someone who feels as though you might be programmed to or stuck in your ways? Or maybe you’ve been allowing others to dictate your own individual growth (Mhmmmm that’s no good).

Try closing your eyes and visualizing an image of the person you want to be or see yourself becoming in the long run, allow your mind and body to take the true form of this person, I literally want you to feel this person boiling in your spirits! Feels good doesn’t it? Well that’s what you have to lose if you don’t get started on your own growth and development ASAP!

Consider everything, entity and person that could be hindering you from becoming your better version of yourself. This could be something as simple as an attitude, the way you’ve been presenting yourself, the fact you may be a little closed-minded, lack of motivation, or maybe even a person has been holding you back. Whatever the case may be those are the things that are keeping you from embracing that feeling of self-satisfaction you felt when you closed your eyes a few seconds before now.  

One thing I’ve realized on my journey of growth and development (still in progress) is to stop comparing myself to others and where they are in life. Everyone reaches their self-elevation at different times whether its dealing with a career, school, spirituality, or basic life necessities such as (cars, apartments/houses, or just the cash flow period). The important thing is you keep focusing on yourself. Comparisons lead to nothing other than frustration, depression, or lack of motivation. Instead of comparing yourself to others take heed to what they did to get where they are, consider the steps you may have missed in your process of self-development. You’d be surprised at how many successful individuals enjoy sharing their stories and testimonies, especially if their extremely close to you!

Going back to a specific point I made earlier on, “Don’t allow others to dictate your growth.” No one in this lifetime can determine how much you’ve grown except YOU. You may feel someone knows you closely…but you know yourself better than anyone else. (If not I should probably post another blog on how to get to know yourself from the inside out.) For a long time even now sometimes, I struggle/struggled with my attitude and anger. While working on these undesirable traits at times things that would typically trigger me wouldn’t anymore while other things still would. It always seemed like no one would give me kudos for handling a situation the correct and respectable way rather they’d be waiting to scold or “come at me” about how I exploded once again and of course imply that I had not changed. I would find myself so frustrated because I myself recognized my significant change, while others were quick to judge all things bad. This would nearly put me in tears, and guess what I’d begin picking up my old ways. After numerous times of back tracking because that was the Meme people were accustomed to seeing, I grew tired and realized if I continued giving others the authority to dictate my growth I’d never become my best version of me. At that point I took control of my own mind, and boy can I say it has in fact paid off! I now give myself kudos for the smallest acts, which influences me to have that drive to continue growing as my own person.  

Keep in mind everyone isn’t always blind to your desire to change, they are only nit-picky because they don’t understand true growth themselves. True growth takes setbacks in order to come up, because eventually you get tired of returning to the same destination. If you continue allowing people to determine your growth you yourself will be in the same place I was in not too long ago….Repeating the cycle.

Start considering even the smallest things. Any single step you take towards your own growing goals you should make a mental note of. For one this helps increase your list of aspirations. Once you accomplish one goal or any changes regarding yourself (this can happen overnight, I’m living proof…don’t let them fool you!) you’ll begin to make larger and greater changes within yourself and your life.  You may not realize this but your very own self growth can have an impact on so many people you come in contact with because now not only do you have a spoken testimony but a visual testimony that others can see and that’s enough to influence someone else to hop on the journey to their better version of themselves!

Growing in a hard place.